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This Friday 3/27, we are launching a food drop for all team members to be able to access food for up to 4-6 meals, twice a week.

We will continue this on Tuesday and Friday of each week until further notice.

All Orlando restaurants pick up location:
Ford’s Garage – Kissimmee
3210 Margaritaville, BLVD 34747

All other locations will pick up at their home restaurants.  If a restaurant should close this post will be updated.

Pickup Time:
1pm to 4pm
Please practice social distancing during pickup; due to demand you may need to wait in your car if there is a line.

Some days will be prepared meals while others we will provide items for you to be able to take home and cook for yourself. We have worked with our partners and other community members to raise money to support this benefit for our team members.

Please communicate this benefit with other 23 Restaurant Services team members who were affected by this crisis.

Food Pickup Image